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About Us


"We aim to provide a quick and easy solution for buying and installing flexible LED Strip Lights"

*LED Strip Lights are a highly experienced retailer of LED effects lighting based in Leicester, East Midlands. Our ambition is to provide the best quality products and highest quality customer service for an affordable price. With over 2 years experience in customer service, business to business sales, business to consumer sales and online retail; you can be confident you are in safe hands with LED Strip Lights.

This means that when you use LED Strip Lights you will be joining our already well established customer base that has gained us accreditation from many local organisations. We have already helped numerous business venues and homesteads take advantage of this hugely popular and versatile technology, and now we want to do the same for you. 

All of our products come with a standard 2 year warranty and we offer full customer support. Our range of products include LED Strip Lights and GU10 LED Spotlights, all manufactured under our quality assured ‘Mirrorstone’ brand name. Available in a wide selection a lengths and colours, we guarantee that you will find the LED Strip Lights to meet your needs.

LED Strip Light Is A Convenient Solution For A Wide Range Of Use:


With excellent variables and immense scope for customizing, LED strip lights are the preference of many looking for economic albeit more effective alternatives to standard feature. You can use them for home use, task accomplishment or decorations. LED strip lighting has easily assumed the place of old lighting fixtures and is flexible as well as surface mounted using adhesive taping.

We offer numerous varieties of LED strip lights in terms of color, adhesive qualities as well as water resistance capabilities. All the fixtures including the 12V LED strip lights that are suitable for accomplishment of numerous tasks have heat conducting epoxy coating that would protect the circuitry from water and moisture by not allowing direct contact. Our products have large amount of color variations and each LED in the same are addressable. In the process we offer single colored and non addressable; RGB non addressable, and the RGB addressable

Our products based on LED strip lights include the followings.

  • Single color LED strip lights UK that are non-addressable. Color range in white is from 2700 to 6500K temperature.
  • RGB that is non-addressable and is similar to the single color strip lights. The difference is that RGB strands come in multiple colors but as the strands use the same address the LEDs will display the same color.
  • RGB that is addressable and though similar to its non addressable counterpart it has the capability of changing the colors of the strands used in the LED strip lights.

Our strip lights work with a driver that operates on 12 or 24 volts DC power. However, the application can be customized according to the choice and orders placed by the customers varying the brightness, color or the specific LED activities. For this we will provide you with a controller that could be inbuilt or external depending on your preferences.


Different Types of LED Strips Befitting Your Requirements:

If you are looking for quality LED Strip at affordable prices then we are your answer. LED strips are getting popular day by day and they operate typically on 12 or 24 volts power provided by a driver. The LED lighting strips use DC for the purpose of lighting and they can be traditional or RGB LED strips.

When it comes to energy economy, naturally the LED strips 12v take the driver’s seat. It does not mean that our 12v LED light strips are inferior in terms of quality by any means. Not only the LED strip offered by us are energy efficient but also can be customized depending on the requirements and budget of the customer. Color, variations, and display can all be customized according to the choice of customer keeping them within affordable limits.

For customization of LED strip provided by us we will provide you with LED controller that will help in adjustment of brightness, color as well as individual LED activities taken up by you. According to your convenience and choice our highly proficient and professional technical team will offer customized controllers that are in built inside the LED strip lighting system or external to them.

If your location has electricity problems or suffers from frequent power disruption then also we have appropriate solutions for the problem. You can use our LED strips battery powered that will help you carry on all the tasks that would have been accomplished using the traditional power systems.

LED strip provided by us are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use. For outdoors we will give you strips that are water resistant and will not be vulnerable to external impacts. Our strips are flexible and they can be divided at any point between the LEDs.


We Help Change and Customize RGB LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for changing and customizing your RGB LED strip lights you have come to the right place. Since RGB LED strip can be used both indoor and outdoor, it is often necessary customizing them and rendering them into color changing LED strip lights that will add class to the décor of the indoor or outdoor location where they are used.

Our expert team of professional installers and support technicians will help you designing the right configuration of RGB LED strip lights and towards this end they will use the best RGB LED strip light kit which contains all the required instruments and tools for installing and using and customizing the strip lights. The kit comes with a comprehensive manual that will explain in detail how to use the strip lights and how to go for the best effects with the RGB LED strip lighting. If you are still confused, you are welcome to contact our extremely proficient and user-friendly support team by phone or email.

RGB LED strip lights are extremely flexible and versatile in nature and with our support system and tool kit it will be possible for you to put in place the RGB LED strip in the best possible manner using the DIY methods. This will not only dispense with the requirements of procuring the services of expensive technicians but will also be convenient because you will be able to take care of the maintenance part of the RGB LED strip lights from time to time as well.

On the other hand if controlling the strip lights installed is your concern then it will give you peace of mind learning that we will offer remote control system that is wi-fi enabled and with the remote you will be able to control the RGB LED strip lights efficiently with convenience.


Change the Appearance of Your Cooking Arena with Our Kitchen LED Strip Lights

Many kitchens have the traditional fluorescent lights and to add to the problem they may not have been fitted well. We resolve problems of our customers with high quality kitchen LED strip lights that are brighter, colorful, efficient, and durable. It is perhaps the easiest way to make the kitchen look beautifully lighted and is also economic in the long run.

LED strip lights kitchen can be designer or simple but the former would be expensive in comparison. At the same time simpler kitchen LED strip lights do not look out of fashion either and are quite attractive in nature. Spending a little more the user can customize LED strip lighting kitchen like having some fade-up effect when the switches are on and also having the lights in half-bright mode when some special occasion requires this.

To get the best effects with kitchen LED strip lights you need quality products. Just buying the first one that comes your way may not provide you with the ultimate solution that our high quality LED kitchen strip lights will offer and that is why we can boast of a fat database of satisfied clients who come back to us time and again for meeting their strip lighting requirements.

An example of high quality kitchen strip lights is the flexible strips old SMD 5050 LED that we provide for our valued clients. They come in the preferable sizes of 3 to each 5cm/60 per meter. Strips that we offer are waterproof and moisture resistant and at the same time flexible with adhesive backing. For better effects with the Kitchen LED strip lights you can use RGB strips that create colored light or you can go for the traditional single color LED strips for your kitchen.

In either case the products offered by us will be qualitative, reliable, and durable or we offer Kitchen LED strip lights at the most competitive prices which will not make a dent in your pockets.


We Will Tell You Exactly How to Install LED Strip Lights:

Any electronic or powered device needs to be correctly installed to give the user the best results. It is no different for the LED strip lights and user need to know the process of installation. Therefore your concern would be how to install LED strip lights when you are considering using them. That is exactly what our expert team of professional technicians will tell you; the process of installing LED strip lights the best way.

With our able support it will be possible for you to install LED strip lights using the DIY methods as we will give you a step by step guide on how to install LED strip lights. LED lights are fast turning out to be the trend of the day for users. One can install them using the DIY methods when it comes to installing some simple LED light strips. For this you need to learn how to wire LED strip lights as wrong wiring can damage the LED lights and result in bad lighting instead of giving the desired results.

Numerous places in your home, office or workplaces can benefit from the use of LED strip lights. Especially the locations that require a little more light are likely to benefit the most. It could be dark corners of the living or sitting room or the kitchen, and it could be the theater or study or even the frontal space of the reception desk in the enterprise. But again; for the best results one needs to know how to install LED strip lights so that the problems of bad light are resolved once for all.

However it is a risky proposition going for DIY methods without knowing exactly how to install LED strip lights because the utmost important thing is proper use of the power for the driver and the application that could be normally in the range of 12v to 24v unless it is run by batteries.


LED Strips UK for Home As Well As Workplace for You

LED lights have the capability of completely transforming the appearance of the place where they are installed and at the same time they are extremely efficient as well as cost effective. No wonder that LED strips UK are getting popular day by day. As the main lighting strips UK they are assuming the driver’s seat in the market and in the consumer circles.

LED strips UK provided by us ensures that one of the most important objectives of the user, energy efficiency is ascertained with their use. In fact the LED strip light UKconsumes very little power in comparison to other light products. Besides being energy efficient they can also make the user’s life colorful as they are available in multiple colors. Users can notice the difference when they use these LED strips UK in place of their old lighting components.

You can choose single (white) color cheap LED strip lights UK or can opt for something more colorful and expensive but the result will be the same in both cases; energy efficiency. Basically the LED strips UK are tiny bulbs that are brighter in light and at the same time easy installing and they give the place of installation superior looks in comparison.

Pertinent question for you would be why choose strip LED lighting UK when other inexpensive alternatives are available. There are several reasons for choosing LED strips UK in comparison to other lighting systems. First of all; they are dazzling and that is why they make excellent decorative materials. Secondly; the installation is near effortless and can even be possible installing them using DIY methods with a little guidance.

LED strips UK not only generates a superior look for the user at the place where installed but are also extremely easy on the pocket. Reducing the daily power consumption they can save you considerable amount of money in the bargain.


We Help Generate Flexible Light with Flexible LED Light Strips

Customers looking to generate flexible light can consider using our flexible LED light strips.  We offer flexible SMD strips for those looking for such materials. Usually two types of such lights are available in the market that is SMD 3528 and SMD 5050. However the customer should appreciate the basic difference between the two.

Flexible light or SMD flexible strip LED lights are both surface mount devices and are very small. They are also light and come in form of chips surround with epoxy resin. SMT or the surface mount technology is the most common method of designing as well as manufacturing the circuits through which the components are mounted.

Benefits of using flexible LED light is that they are extremely energy efficient but produce very powerful light. At the same time they are extremely durable and real time life span in the optimal temperature, current, as well as voltage of the flexible light is no less than one hundred thousand hours.

Thus with our flexible strip lights you will not only get high quality light, energy efficiency, and superb durability but they will also are available at the most competitive prices unparalleled in the market. It is a win-win situation for you when you opt for our flexible light of any type. You may have either the SMD 3528 version or the more powerful SMD 5050 version but one thing you can remain rest assured that the quality will never be wanting when you get it from us.

Your lighting solutions are only a phone call, or a few keystrokes away. Try us and you will not be disappointed. 

Our company ethos places customer satisfaction as its highest priority. Our open door policy means that we are always available to talk. Contact us by phone or email, or even come and see us in person. 

If you have any questions at all or want to know more about our organisation then please call us on 0116 321 4121 and we'll by happy to help. 

Many Thanks,

LED Strip Lights Team