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  • Do I Need Waterproof LED Strip Lights?

    When installing lights in the kitchen, bathroom or outside, there is a restriction on the type of light fittings you can use. If there is a chance your LED Strip Lights will come into contact with moisture, you will need to use a strip with a waterproof IP coating.

    This acts as a protective layer and prevents moisture from reaching the light's internal components, and causing a short circuit. The level of protection offered can vary from unprotected to air tight.

    If you are using your LED Strip Lights in the kitchen or bathroom you will need a minimum of an IP65 rated coating. The LED chips are encased inside a silicone gel which is able to withstand condensation and splashes of water that may result from cooking food or using taps.

  • All You Need To Know About Single Colour Led Strip

    We are passionate about the living style with LED lighting. We offer a wide range of commercial as well as residential lighting products which provides greater results for a number of years at affordable cost. Continue reading

  • Vital Features Of LED Pixel Tapes

    led pixel tapes

    LED pixel tapes are basically known for advertising purpose. They are used in designing amazing and attractive sign boards. They are widely used for outdoor purposes. The led pixel tapes are heat as well as water resistant. In this regard, our products are best suited for decorative as well as for lighting purposes. They are available in long rolls and it can be cut into desired requirements. They are eco-friendly as well as energy savers. Continue reading

  • Avail Innovative And Affordable LED Kits For Cars

    Do you desire to add the stylish look to your car? Illuminate it up with advanced automotive LED bulbs. Impart your car a new look with our affordable LED car lights. We offer many sorts of LED lights which can be used to transform any dull-looking vehicles into an attractive and sophisticated one. Continue reading

  • RGB LED Controller Available At Affordable Price

    LED Light Kits

    We are the renowned suppliers of LED lighting products based in UK. You can avail an extensive range of products from us at competitive prices. Available in an array of sizes, they are even easily adaptable into flexible strip or LED tape. Continue reading

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