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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • Upgrade From Gloom and Doom to Bright and Beautiful With LED Strip Lights

    Houses are filled with lights. Lights are built for the sole purpose of lighting a room when the sun sets and the room is dark. So why are most lights found in the middle of the room, often failing to light the entirety of the room? The problem is, most lights either aren’t bright enough, or positioned well enough to completely illuminate a room. So, the solution? LED strip lights.

    Based around LED technology, LED strip lights are brighter, longer lasting, and best of all, energy efficient. Strip lights can be placed in any number of places to create not only an efficient lighting setting, but also an atmospheric lighting setting.

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  • Create Under Cabinet Lighting with LED Strip Lights

    LED strip lights are a great lighting system for your home, with their versatility making them suitable for a range of uses and locations. From along the ceiling in your living room to around a breakfast bar in your kitchen, LED strip lights can add the perfect finishing touches to your home décor and provide stylish illumination to a space.

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  • Illuminate Your Storage Space with LED Strip Lights

    It always seems to be on those dark winter mornings or late nights that you’re scrambling around to find something, and it can be incredibly frustrating to find that you can’t see a thing without turning the lights on a disturbing everyone who might be sleeping nearby. But there’s a solution to this problem that you might not have considered – LED strip lights for your drawers and cupboards that provide enough high quality light to allow you to see what you’re doing but don’t run the risk of waking anyone else. It’s the perfect solution to an all too common problem.

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