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  • LED Strip Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

    Under cabinet lighting is a relatively inexpensive and surprisingly effective method of enhancing the look and feel of your kitchen. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves a functional purpose by creating more light on work tops which are otherwise left in shadow. To get the best possible results for minimal effort, why not try using self-adhesive LED Strip Lights?

    To install strip lights  you will need to measure the length of your cabinets and ensure there is a suitable mains power supply close by. When taking measurements, always bear in mind that strip lights can only be cut at 2.5, 5 or 10 cm intervals, so round up or down where necessary.

    LED Strip Lights can be powered from a standard mains outlet or they can be wired into an existing lighting circuit. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you want your strip lights to come on at the same time as your main kitchen lights or if you want to be able to control them independently.

    As LED Strip Lights have a self-adhesive backing you won't need to purchase any additional mounts or attachments, but if you are installing them near any sinks, kettles or other potential sources of condensation, it is worth investing in at least an IP65 rated coating to prevent against short-circuits.

    As a rule-of-thumb, cool white LED Strip Lights are the best single colour strips to use in this application as the light is clear and bright.

    Don't forget to explore the possibilities of a dimmer switch as this will allow you to vary the brightness of your strips. For dimmability you will need either a dimmable driver or a 12V dimmer switch which installs between the driver and the strip lights.

    In most kitchens you will find that the cabinets are not connected in one continuous run, but are instead seperated by gaps. This can present a problem if you want to install LED Strip Lights on all your cabinets, but only have one power point available. This can be overcome by connecting your strips in series or parallel using 12V cable.

    In the former case you will simply bridge the gap between each cabinet with a length of cable, in the latter case each strip is run back to the power supply seperately. If possible we always recommend connecting in parallel as this minimizes the liklihood of voltage drop.

    So to recap:

    - Take Measurements,

    - Make sure there is a power point available,

    - Choose an IP65 rated coating if necessary,

    - Choose a colour temperature to match the decor,

    - Pay attention to the spacing of your cabinets and work out how you will connect your strip lights back to your power point.

    Of course it isn't just the underside of your kitchen cabinets that can benefit from LED Strip Lights. They can also be installed along the top side facing towards the ceiling and along the kickboards.

    For more information call 0116 321 4121 or email

  • LED Strip Lights for your Car

    LED Strip Lights, LED Strips, LED Strip Lighting, LED Strip Light

    LED Strip Lights make the perfect lighting accessory for cars or other vehicles. For starters, they run at 12-volts, so can be run straight off the vehicle's battery. Further, the wide range of brightnesses and colours available mean they can be used functionally or decoratively. So if you just want some extra light, or to transform your vehicle into an attention-grabbing spectacle, LED Strip Lights can help. Continue reading

  • Can I Cut my LED Strip Lights?

    LED Strip Lights are one of the most versatile types of lighting available and this is not just because they are flexible. They can also be cut to custom lengths, which means they can be potentially made to meet the requirements of any installation, no matter how big, or how small.

    While it is possible to get your lights cut by a professional, the process is so simple that you can also do it yourself. If, for example, you find that your strip lights is slightly too long for the area in which you plan to install it, you can chop a section off the end to make it fit. Alternatively, if you have a large, single strip of LEDs, but you would prefer two seperate pieces, you can cut the strip in half.

    LED Strip Lights can be cut at 5 or 10 cm intervals, depending on the type of strip light purchased. The "cutting points" are clearly marked with a straight line. To seperate your strip lights, cut along the line using a pair of scissors or craft knife. Always make sure the tool you are using is sharp, as a blunt tool could potentially cause damage to the circuit board and components.

    Due to their design, LED Strip Lights will continue to work even after they have been cut. This is because their circuit is completely closed at each cutting point. If you are removing a section from the end of your strip light, always make sure you are cutting it at the end away from the connector.

    If you are cutting you strip lights into two parts and plan to use them as two separate installations, you will also have to do a bit of soldering. At each cutting point there should be a series of solder points (circular metal discs), 2 in the case of single colour lights and 4 in the case of colour changing RGB. To attach a new length of 2 core or 4 core cable, you will need to solder the wires to their corresponding solder points (which should be clearly marked for this purpose).

    Soldering isn't a difficult task, but obviously requires the requisite tools, which most people don't own. Asking an electrician to do the soldering on your behalf will also work out to be fairly expensive as you are of course paying for their time. The cheapest, and safest option is to ask your retailer to prepare everything beforehand.

  • Some Advantages of LED Strip Lights

    Some Advantages of LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip Lights offer a number of advantages over more traditional luminaires. Some of these are generic to LED technology, while others are exclusive to LED Strips. This article will outline a few of the reasons thousands of customers are introducing LED Strip Lighting into their homes. Continue reading

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