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  • Some Advantages of LED Strip Lights

    Some Advantages of LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip Lights offer a number of advantages over more traditional luminaires. Some of these are generic to LED technology, while others are exclusive to LED Strips. This article will outline a few of the reasons thousands of customers are introducing LED Strip Lighting into their homes. Continue reading

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    LED Strips

    Facebook is one of the most viable methods for an online company to reach its audience. As a customer focused business, we place great value on interacting with new and existing customers, and facebook is just one way of doing this. Continue reading

  • Let Us Take You on a Tour of the Site

    LED Strip Lights Website

    "Website, customer. Customer, website." *Shakes Hands* Now that the pleasantries are taken care of, allow us to give you a brief outline of our new website and how best to navigate your way to your brand new LED Strip Lights. Continue reading

  • Welcome to our brand new website

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! Thanks for looking at our brand new website. From now on LED Strip will be releasing written articles, helpful guides, informative new stories, tip and tricks of the trade and more just for you at NO EXTRA COST!

    To give you a quick understanding of who we are:

    "LED Strip is owned by The Soni Brothers Ltd, registered in England and Wales since 2006. Since then we have been manufacturing and retailing the very best LED Products that we have both designed and found.

    It has been a very successful story so far with over several thousand customers purchasing our products at an extremely fast rate. Over the last 6 years more and more people in the UK have been discovering and researching LED Lighting for their homes, offices and work spaces and thankfully we have been one of the reasons why.

    We are confident that purchasing our LED Products will not only guarantee you safe passage into the realm of LED Lighting but we'll give you a much better understanding on what you should be looking at, what you should be buying whilst offering some friendly advice and knowledge for you along the way.

    With a very diverse team of customer service staff members we have been offering some of the best advice to our customers without the want or need to 'sell' you anything. We understand that taking this leap of faith can be quite daunting, especially if you dont know what your buying! Our aim is to safely guide you through and avoid any pitfalls you may find your up against when changing your current lighting."

    LED couldn't be easier when you buy on LED Strip!


    LED Strip Lights Team

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