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LED Strip Lights for your Car

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LED Strip Lights make the perfect lighting accessory for cars or other vehicles. For starters, they run at 12-volts, so can be run straight off the vehicle's battery. Further, the wide range of brightnesses and colours available mean they can be used functionally or decoratively. So if you just want some extra light, or to transform your vehicle into an attention-grabbing spectacle, LED Strip Lights can help.

What other features of LED Strip Lights make them suitable for this application? Well, like all LED Lights, they use less energy, last for a very long time and require minimal maintanence. In addition to this they are more resiliant, which in a car where there is a lot of vibration is important. Theres a reason they call it solid state lighting (SSL).

Not all vehicles are the same size. Fortunatley, LED Strip Lights can be made-to-measure. You can either buy a roll and cut it yourself, which is quite straightforward, or you can ask your retailer to cut it for you.

IP rated coatings allow the strips to be used on external section of the car. Usually an IP65 rated coating will be sufficient, but to be extra sure, try upgrading to an IP67 for complete protection.

As the electrics in a car are supplied by a 12v engine battery, you will be able to wire your strip lights directly into the wiring circuit without the need for a driver or transformer. For increased functionality, your LED Strip Lights can be made to turn on when opening your doors, creating more illumination for getting into and out of your car. This is particularly advantageous when you're reading a map or searching for items within the car.

Obviously, the use of strip lights is not restricted to cars. They can be used in any vehicle that uses a low voltage systems. This includes motor-homes, vans, or even boats.

If you are looking for something with a little wow factor, why not try some RGB LED Strip Lights. These offer lots of colour changing options and will immediately transform the interior and exterior aesthetic of your vehicle. A common use is along the under side of the vehicle where the strips create a splash of colourful light on the surface of the road. The beauty of RGB is that you don't need to spend time making up your mind on what colour to choose. Simply change the colour when you choose.

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