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LED striplights offers array of LED profiles

LED Profiles UK

We the leading LED product suppliers in UK are dedicated for creating and providing linear aluminium architectural profiles/extrusions to house LED tape lighting. We provide complete systems comprising joiners, diffusers, fixing brackets, end caps and more. Detail attention to installation into your building structure and components results in totally integrated amazing LED lighting solutions which are proficiently supported by our comprehensive guidance and instructions.

Range of options

We carry huge stocks of high quality LED Profiles to suit our clients’ budget and specific requirements. You can select from our wide assortment of aluminium or plastic profiles. These products can be utilized in union with our LED strip or tape. Whilst installing any strip lighting with wattage of above 14.4W, we recommend you to use our profiles. Our extrusions are sure to dissipate heat away from imperative components and aid to enhance longevity. Our aluminium profiles offer a durable, safer and augmented aesthetic finish. Using a profile will also keep the LED strip lighting free from dust and moisture.

Our LED profiles UK are available in different designs, and high quality materials at cost-effective prices. There are many different LED extrusions including round aluminium profile, flat aluminium profile, crowned aluminium profile, curved aluminium casing, corner aluminium extrusion and lots more designs for housing LED strips. The LED extrusions or profiles, which we supply, are renowned for its extreme quality, innovative designs and affordable price.

The aesthetically pleasing and versatility designs offer the end user an ability to have high end illuminating effects in any place. These can also be fitted with colour LED to boost your lighting installations to a high specification. If you are looking for LED products, then we are your one stop source. We not just offer your LED extrusions instead have all the essential LED products which are required to create an energy efficient and attractive ambience to your home or business.