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LED Strip Lights Website

"Website, customer. Customer, website." *Shakes Hands* Now that the pleasantries are taken care of, allow us to give you a brief outline of our new website and how best to navigate your way to your brand new LED Strip Lights.

In the top left hand corner of the page, you will see our stunning new logo. This appears on every page of our website and can be used to return to the homepage. It also has our contact telephone number and email, should you feel the need to ask us a question.

Just below our logo, you will notice a vertical bar spanning the width of the website. This is the category bar, which can be used to browse our product range by jumping straight to a list of the products selected. By hovering your cursor over each category, you will reveal a secondary "drop-down" menu with additional options.

In the very top right hand corner of our website is the search bar. This can be used to filter products for specific search terms. Just below this you will find a number of links that can be used to login to your account, jump to our blog, move to the checkout, review your order and view your account if you wish.

When viewing a category page, products will be listed down the centre of the page, displaying limited information about those products, including price. On the product page itself, you will be able to view detailed information relating to that product, including technical specifications, and will be able to add items to your cart.

Our website uses a  very simple purchase system. Simply add the items you want to your cart, review your order and then pay. If this is your first time purchasing, you will need to set up an account. Fill out the information when prompted and your account will be automatically set up. When making subsequent purchases, you will be able to login to your account using your username (your e-mail address) and password, making your shopping experience even easier. You can also review previous order and reorder the same if necessary.

For information about our company, our terms and conditions or privacy policy, use the links at the bottom of the page.

If you need any information about LED Strip Lights you can also read our blog, which is packed full of helpful advice and technical info.

Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0116 321 4121 or email We endeavour to respond to all emails within a few hours of receiving them.