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Planning your LED Strip Light Installation - Some Advice

Using LED Strip Lights for the first time can be a little daunting. In reality, what you will discover, is that using LED Strip Lights is incredibly easy. With a little planning and preparation you can be up and running with LED Strip Lights in no time at all.

Measure Up!

One of the main reasons homeowners and businesses go with LED Strip Lights over other forms of lighting is that they can be cut to length. It follows then that you will need to measure up the areas into which you are installing them, whether this be the underside of some kitchen cabinets or the edge of your bar. Bear in mind that strip lights can only be cut at 2.5, 5 and 10cm intervals.

Draw a Diagram

If your LED Strip Light installation is turning out to be a little more complicated than expected, draw a diagram. This will help you to visualise the installation in an easy way. Most professional design companies will use sophisticated software to create 3-D renderings of your kitchen or living room for example, but for the purpose of your installation a top down diagram will be sufficient. If you do have a diagram ready, send it to us and we will offer advice on how best to achieve your installation.

Check the Power

How and where are you actually going to power your LED Strip Lights from? The most basic setup is to run your strip lights from a 13-amp wall socket via a 12v power adapter. Not only is this easy, but it also means you can move your strips about. Alternatively, you can wire into an existing light circuit using a mains to 12v transformer. Make sure your power is routed to where you need it.

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